Why Truck Engines are Diesel Based?

Using Diesel Engines for Trucks

Because of increasing fuel prices, you should choose the fuel that will meet your needs with less cost. One of the best options to use fuel that costs less, is to use diesel. Diesel was invented by the Rudolph Diesel, and his invention is working today as a boon for automobiles like trucks and cars. Diesel as a fuel is very efficient and cost effective.

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Diesel engines are used as mechanical engines and power generators. Diesel fuel is relatively costlier than gasoline. However, diesel is a fuel with high energy density. You can say that diesel can provide more energy than gasoline. Therefore, diesel engines offer high mileage required for trucks. It is a good choice for heavy duty vehicles and for transportation. Diesel is heavier and oilier than gasoline and also it has high boiling point even higher than of water. Also, diesel engines are highly efficient and effective and because of these qualities diesel is becoming very popular as truck engines.

diesel truck engine

How a Diesel Engine works?

Engines are classified based on the type of ignition of the engine. Continue reading

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Japan’s Nissan to Produce Cars in Myanmar

Nissan of Japan to make small cars in Myanmar

Japanese automakers are eying to build up production of cars in Southeast Asia that will help to recoup their slack in sales in their domestic market and in western economies that have started recovering.

Nissan Motors Japan has recently revealed their plans of launching production plant in Myanmar. Nissan is eying to compete for a share of the fast growing automobile market of  the emerging country that was ruled by harsh military rulers.

nissan myanmar car production

Tan Chong Group and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Japan announced that their license for manufacturing and distributing Nissan cars in Myanmar was sanctioned recently. The Investment Commission of Myanmar sanctioned the application on August 15 2013 and granted Tan Chong Motor Corp. Ltd Myanmar with the rights of assembling and distributing automobiles locally.

By this approval the Tan Chong Group will build a 3 year project for building a local manufacturing plant in the industrial area of region Bago. This unit will have a capacity of producing more than 10,000 units a year with full production. This new plant will employ around 300 workers and will start producing the Nissan Sunny in the year of 2015.

Automobile Market in Myanmar

Here, The Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Japan is committed to play a leading role in developing automobiles in Myanmar Continue reading

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Bogus Used Japanese Car Exporters – Beware

Beware of Fake Used Car Exporters from Japan

Recently, many Kenyans were shocked by reading media reports about bogus used car exporters from Japan. Many people from Kenya have fallen victim to online purchase of used cars from japan. The online Japanese used car market involves a number of car deals every year and it has become a good place for both sellers and buyers. Online used Japanese car market became popular because of speed of the system and efficiency that completes a transaction just within a few seconds. In fact, there are majority car deals closed via online auction have positive results.

On the other hand, this growing online market for automobiles has attracted a number of fraudsters. Here are a few things that happen with buyers while they purchase a car from a fraud seller or dealer.

bogus car exporters japan

• Kenya is one of the targeted and profitable markets for fraud online vehicle dealers. This may have been informed because of the size of market and the demand by Kenyan people for cheap cars.  Continue reading

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Importance of Truck Wheels and Tires

How Important are Truck Wheels and Tires?

Trucks are one of the best vehicles to transport goods from one site to another. If you frequently drive your truck with a heavy load, you know how important truck tires are. While transporting the goods, your lives are dependent fully on your truck’s tires. If your tires break down while driving, it could result in a disaster for you and for other vehicles as well. Bad tires can also damage the roads, so the condition of tires is very important for road safety to.

Trucks will be always needed worldwide for transportation of goods. Trucks frequently run on the roads and most probably they run over a long distance. While running for long distance, safety is a major factor that you should consider especially when you are driving with heavy load in your truck. You can have a safe drive only if your truck has tires and wheels in good condition.

truck tires wheels safety

Truck Tires and Road Safety

Slowing down a truck or stopping it with instant breaks can produce bumps on road. This happens when a truck stops quickly, especially because of the weight of the loaded truck. Breaking and slowing down a truck causes it to bounce up & down on the road. Continue reading

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Choosing The Right Custom Truck Wheels

Custom Wheels for Trucks – Basics

When you look around, you will see that there is an increase in use of custom wheels for trucks. Less than two decades ago, trucks were used just as hauling vehicles. Trucks were then used mainly for local retail and wholesale deliveries. Today’s trucks are mainly the light trucks, and not the big commercial ones. Such light trucks include sport utility vehicles, mini vans, full size vans and pickup trucks. Today, more than 25% of new vehicles that people buy are light trucks.

custom truck wheels japan

Now, do you own a pickup truck? Are you going to make your truck more comfortable and appealing? To make your truck more appealing, first, you should know what things you have to consider before customizing your truck. You can start with custom truck wheels. To improve your ride, custom wheels are one of the best truck parts to buy that may improve your drive experience. When you will replace you truck wheels with the right custom wheels, your truck will become a head turner with its on-the-go image. However, buying new custom truck wheels  is not an easy task as it seems.

How to Choose Custom Truck Wheels?

You first have to decide the style and size of custom wheels you would choose, and this can be a mind boggling task for you. You should make the right choice of custom wheels for your lightweight truck. Continue reading

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How to Increase Life Span of Car Tires

How Long Do Car Tires Last?

There are a number of factors that can affect the lifetime of your car tires. You should maintain your car’s tires in such a way that it will help you to extend tire’s lifetime to the maximum extent. Generally, the front wheel tire of a good quality can run for about 20,000 miles before it needs a replacement; whereas, the rear wheel tires can go on for almost twice as much as that distance i.e. 40,000 miles. The reason behind this is that front wheel tires do all the cornering required when you take a sharp turn or you park your car in small place. Cornering creates friction between the tire and road that results in tire degradation. Thus, it is important to rotate your tires so that you do not end up with highly worn out tires in the front and absolutely fresh looking tires in the rear. Here, we will discuss some tips for maintaining your car tires so that you can significantly reduce quick wearing out of tires.

tire maintenance life span

How to Maintain Your Car Tires in a Good Condition

To maintain tires in a good condition you need to check some factors that are related to tires of your car. Here are some factors to consider while maintaining your car tires. Continue reading

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UD Trucks launches Quester – A New Heavy Duty Truck

UD Trucks to Launch Quester for Asian Markets

UD Trucks from Japan, owned by the Volvo Groups will soon launch a new trailer truck for the Asian market – the Quester. This heavy duty truck ‘Quester’ has improved fuel efficieny because of its new engine. UD Trucks will unveil the Quester truck on August 26, 2013 in Bangkok. This range of heavy duty trucks is developed for ASEAN countries and other growing automobile markets in the world. UD Trucks has plans to launch Quester in other Asian countries later this year.

Launching of Quester in Bangkok would achieve an expansion of UD Trucks to 17 showrooms to accommodate the ace and to build up a supply auto parts in Singapore. Quester is a brand which is made for growth and the future, and it is designed to run on all types of streets in all of the 10 ASEAN countries. Quester is a truck which can run for long distances in efficient manner and it is tough enough to work in all conditions, good or bad.

UD Trucks Quester – Improved Features

New heavy duty truck, the Quester from UD Trucks has many improved features that can cater to various applications from distribution and long haulage to mining and construction. Continue reading

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Gas vs. Diesel Trucks – Comparison

Gas vs. Diesel Trucks

If you are planning to buy a truck, the first question should come in your mind is what type of engine should I choose for my truck, a diesel or Gas?

If you consider cost as main factor then you will find initial cost of diesel engine is more by $7,000 to $ 10,000 or even more than a gas engine, depending on manufacturer and class of your truck. So the gas engine prices are more appealing than diesel engines. Besides that, diesel engines provide better fuel economy, durability and greater longevity. This makes your truck capable to work for long time period with low operational cost, considering how many miles it has traveled or for how many years it is working.

Gas Vs Diesel Engines

There are many more factors that can play a vital role in deciding which type of truck would suit your requirements – gasoline or diesel powered?  Therefore, when a question arises while choosing between gas-versus-diesel trucks, obviously, there is no one sided answer. How can you decide which type of truck is better for you- a diesel or gas? Here are some aspects that will help you taking your decision.

Initial Cost (Winner – Gasoline)

As diesel engines have high cylinder pressure and high compression ratios, they have to be built in a way to tolerate more severe treatment than gas engines. Thick blocks, stronger connecting rods, cylinder heads, pistons, valves and crankshafts are beefed up parts of the engine, and these parts may be very expensive. That’s why diesel engines cost more than gas engines by around $7,000 to $10,000 upfront. To recover the higher cost of diesel engine, it may take approx. 87 months, making gas engine’s price more appealing.

Fuel Efficiency (Winner – Diesel)

Energy density of diesel is higher than gasoline. A gallon of diesel Continue reading

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Choosing a Correct Car Battery

How to Choose the Correct Battery for Your Car?

Are you looking for a new car battery to replace your old car battery? You seem little confused about choosing the right car battery? No problem, we are here to help you. Just go through these tips about car battery replacement and you will know how to choose a proper battery for your car.

The main purpose of battery is to provide electricity to your vehicle. The battery is also known as Starting-Lighting-Ignition (SLI) battery. The battery gives power to the motor starter, lights in the car and the ignition system of the car engine. As you know the battery can be recharged, but after a time period the life of battery gets over and it dies, so ultimately you need to buy a new battery for your car. Here are some tips to buy your car’s battery.

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Battery

The first thing you must know while selecting a new battery is that you should always buy new battery from a reputed battery brand. It is always better to invest in quality than facing lots of troubles on the road. It may be very confusing to choose your car’s battery as there are number of batteries present having different sizes and specifications. But it will be easier to choose a new battery Continue reading

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Car Driving Tips for Summer

Vehicle Driving and Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is round the corner and it’s the time for going on long drives with family and friends. But, in your excitement for your vacation plan, you may forget about your car’s condition. Finding your car breaking down in the midway can spoil your as well as your family members’ mood of enjoyment. Nothing is worse than being in middle of nowhere with flat tires or a vehicle that suffered a break down! So whether it’s a trip across the town or your country, you must keep in mind few things about maintaining your car. Here are some tips given below to keep your car maintained while going for a long trip during the summer vacation.

family car trip summer vacation

Regular maintenance of your car

Planning and prevention are always better than facing effects of breakdown or experiencing a highway crash. To prevent breakdowns you must maintain your car with regular tune ups, battery checks, tire rotations and oil changes. If you are following the manufacturer’s recommended service durations, then your car must be in good condition and ready for a drive. But if you have not serviced your vehicle for long time or you do not know the servicing history of your car, you should schedule the check up with a mechanic.

Basic safety checks for your car

Before you go for a long trip during your summer vacation, Continue reading

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