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Samoa switches to left hand driving

Samoa car dealers can now import Japanese used cars

Samoa has switched from Right Hand Drive (US style) to Left Hand Drive (Japan style).  This switch in driving style from RHD to LHD took effect from September 7, 2009, 6am local time Samoa.  This change has made Samoa first country in 4 decades to switch their driving style from one side of the road to the other.

Initially there was some reluctance amongst the Samoa citizens about this change, but soon enough traffic started flowing as usual and many onlookers even clapped to appreciate the enthusiasm of drivers.

So far cases of accidents or difficulties in driving have not been detected, even if the opponents have accused the government of announcing this change pretty early without preparing the drivers adequately to get used to left hand driving. To make this change trouble-free, Government of Samoa announced two days national holiday and 3 day alcohol ban.

To facilitate the change in driving style, Samoa Government has taken many precautions such as making the roads wider, adding road signs and markings to avoid confusions and also installing speed-breakers on two most important islanda of Samoa which are Savai’i and Upolu respectively.

The Samoan government decided to introduce this change in driving style to end its dependence on expensive, left-hand drive car imports from the United States. The government of Samoa wants to make Samoa like other South Pacific country like New Zealand and Australia. This new change can also support around 170,000 expatriate Samoans from these countries to send used cars having right side steering wheels to their relatives in motherland.

Even though the change in driving style has already taken effect, the government has decided to allow vehicles with left-side steering wheels. However, there will be a major issue with the existing buses as their doors will now open on the wrong side.  It would also take some time for the motorists whom to get adjusted to the new traffic rule and flow of traffic.

With Samoa switching its driving style, it has opened doors for Samoans to import high quality Japanese Used Cars at affordable prices .  So, used car importers, and private individuals from Samoa can now import used LHD (Left Hand Drive) vehicles from Japan.

Used cars from Japan are of good quality and reliable.  Japanese used cars are much cheaper than the normal used cars available in Samoa second hand car market. Thus, Samoans can get a better performance at lesser price if they import used cars directly from Japan.

We, as a Japanese Car Exporter,  hope to assist private importers as well as used car dealers from Samoa to import Japanese Used Cars and Trucks from Japan. We can ship to APIA and Pagopago ports.

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