Popularity of Hybrid Cars in Japan

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Remarkable Sales of Toyota and Honda Hybrid Cars

For over a year, the Toyota Prius has been leading the sales in hybrid cars in Japan.  Ever since its launch, the Toyota Prius has maintained the position of being the top seller in Japan.  Honda insight is another popular hybrid car from Japan. This year alone, sales of hybrid cars in the first couple of months reached upto 72,191 units.  And it has even beaten hybrid car sales in the U.S. by more than double.

The remarkable sales of hybrid cars in Japan have been attributed to Japanese customers becoming aware of saving the environment and moving towards eco-friendly hybrid cars.  It is significant that though fossil fuel is available cheaply in the U.S. and without added gas tax as is done around the world, the buyers are slowly opting for hybrids.  It is just a matter of time before sales of hybrids would reach higher.

toyota prius hybrid cars japan

United States gets Honda hybrid cars and Toyota hybrid cars imported from Japan on a large scale;  however, the Japanese car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota are selling far more hybrid gas-electric cars in Japan itself.

The new Honda Insight and Toyota Prius have taken the Japanese automobile market by storm.  More than double the monthly sales target was achieved by the sale of the Insight in Japan, in April 2010.  With the introduction of the third-generation Prius, there has been a rise of nearly 20 percent in the sales orders received by Toyota, half of which are for the new Prius.

It is now fairly understood that the hybrid car market in Japan is keenly competing with the U.S. market, in spite of the fact that the American vehicle market is double the size as that of Japan.  It is estimated that domestic sales in Japan this year are expected to rise in leaps and bounds with the fierce battle on between the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight.

Automakers around the world are facing the test of global commitment towards eco-friendliness of vehicles.  The rise of global hybrid sales and specifically in Japan has spurred the government to offering subsidies to automakers to increase auto sales and move auto buyers towards buying more eco-friendly vehicles.  The Japanese government has a budget of $4 billion to make this a success, by offering incentives to customers who buy green cars.  Likewise, the United States government too is debating on offering incentives to vehicle manufacturers to motivating them into produce green cars.

It is felt that consumers in Japan favor the hybrid cars due to the fact that gas taxes are heavier in comparison with the U.S. taxes at the pump.

To hold the cutting edge in the auto market, both Honda and Toyota have become even more committed towards manufacturing hybrid cars in greater numbers to reduce their economies of scale. U.S. automakers are hoping to get back their footing into leading the manufacture of more eco-friendly and fuel efficient cars.

If you are interested in buying new or used Toyota or Honda hybrid cars, please get in touch with us with your requirements.  We have many Honda and Toyota hybrids in our stock and can find a suitable match for you.

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