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Nissan of Japan to make small cars in Myanmar

Japanese automakers are eying to build up production of cars in Southeast Asia that will help to recoup their slack in sales in their domestic market and in western economies that have started recovering.

Nissan Motors Japan has recently revealed their plans of launching production plant in Myanmar. Nissan is eying to compete for a share of the fast growing automobile market of  the emerging country that was ruled by harsh military rulers.

nissan myanmar car production

Tan Chong Group and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Japan announced that their license for manufacturing and distributing Nissan cars in Myanmar was sanctioned recently. The Investment Commission of Myanmar sanctioned the application on August 15 2013 and granted Tan Chong Motor Corp. Ltd Myanmar with the rights of assembling and distributing automobiles locally.

By this [...]

UD Trucks to Launch Quester for Asian Markets

UD Trucks from Japan, owned by the Volvo Groups will soon launch a new trailer truck for the Asian market – the Quester. This heavy duty truck ‘Quester’ has improved fuel efficieny because of its new engine. UD Trucks will unveil the Quester truck on August 26, 2013 in Bangkok. This range of heavy duty trucks is developed for ASEAN countries and other growing automobile markets in the world. UD Trucks has plans to launch Quester in other Asian countries later this year.

Launching of Quester in Bangkok would achieve an expansion of UD Trucks to 17 showrooms to accommodate the ace and to build up a supply auto parts in Singapore. Quester is a brand which is made for growth and the future, and it is designed to run on all types of streets in all of the 10 ASEAN countries. Quester is a truck which [...]

Isuzu plans to assemble trucks and SUVs in India

Isuzu Motors India Pvt. Ltd., a branch of Isuzu Motors, Japan have started selling the utility vehicle of the company this year, in India and the company has recently entered an agreement with Hindustan Motors Pvt. Ltd., to  manufacture the pickup trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in India. As per the agreement,  components required to manufacture these pickup trucks and SUVs will be imported from Thailand by Isuzu Motors and assembled in Hindustan Motors plant at Thiruvallur located nearby Chennai.

isuzu mu 7 suv india

The reason behind this move is to help Japan increasing sales of recently launched DMAX pickup trucks and MU-7 SUV in India and other emerging markets – even before the plant proposed in Andhra Pradesh starts functioning. This move makes business sense especially when the automobile [...]

Launch of New Isuzu Truck models in Philippines

Many truck manufacturers are shifting towards importation and assembly of trucks in spite of prevalence of used trucks; however, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is adding two more brand new truck models to their lineup because of the robust demand for trucks in that country.

Recently, Isuzu Philippines Corp. has launched FVM medium duty truck and Forward FRR truck models (F Series) at Isuzu TruckFest at the Le Pavilion. The launch of these new truck models by Isuzu was a way to take advantage of the preference that market is giving to brand new trucks.

isuzu frr fvm trucks philippines

Features of Isuzu F-Series Trucks

Isuzu F-series is known for its advanced engineering in every aspect of vehicle design. These trucks have top performing features such as superb safety and convenience, high power [...]

Hino Motors Starts Selling Trucks in Kenya

A subsidiary of Toyota Motors – Hino Motors has started selling trucks in Kenya from this month in association with Toyota Tsusho. It is done through sales channels of vehicle distributor Toyota Kenya Limited, which is owned fully by Toyota Tsusho. Hino Trucks has opened a sales and service center in Nairobi to mark this event and it is planning to market trucks in Kenya starting from this month as a partner with Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Initial offering of Hino in Kenyan market is the HINO 500 series that serves a growth of company, which is truck maker’s best selling model outside Japan. Sales target of Hino in Kenya for the first year is 300 vehicles.

A Kenyan company has made a contract with Hino to assemble trucks from parts coming from Japan. These trucks are marketed through sales channel of vehicle distributor of Toyota Tsusho, Toyota Kenya [...]

Daimler to roll out FUSO Trucks in India

German automaker, Daimler AG, is planning to roll out FUSO trucks in India through their Indian subsidiary to meet the growing demand of trucks in export markets of Asia and Africa. This decision is a major aspect of company’s strategy for Asian and African truck markets.  FUSO is a part of Mitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corporation’s line-up manufactured in Japan.  And now Daimler India senses that Asian and African auto market can significantly contribute to Daimler AG’s worldwide sales targets.

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), is Daimler AG’s Indian subsidiary which is located in Chennai.  MFTBC, based in Kawasaki, Japan is subsidiary of Daimler Trucks division. According to the parent company, both the manufacturing plants are important from truck manufacturing sites in Asia. Apart from BharatBenz truck retailing, the parent company also handles sales, marketing and production of Mercedes-Benz Actros Trucks in India.

Growing [...]
High demand steers Isuzu Trucks to top position in Africa

There is a huge demand for trucks & buses in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. This helped Isuzu Trucks to acquire the top most position in exporting vehicles to Africa. This increase in demand is clearly visible in the very first week of the year 2013. General Motors, Isuzu’s marketing agency for Trucks has given a positive estimation of prospects for company’s sub-Saharan African sales.

The Kenya Motor Industry Association’s data shows that out of 97 units sold, 72 units were of Isuzu buses, trucks and pick-ups. This market share of Isuzu units sold was around 74%.

Popularity of Isuzu Trucks in Africa

Commercial vehicles by Isuzu are accepted in this province as the activities in manufacturing, construction and transportation industry are increased.  As the high prices of cars affected saloon division, the demand for second hand vehicles increased. Various factors like slowing inflation, legislation [...]

New air suspension system for Hino Cabover 195

Hino trucks had introduced its cabover model 195 into the automotive market this year. This new model gave a record breaking success to Hino. Around 55% sales were of model 195 among the total sales. The company has also plans to introduce their new double-cab option next year. Hino recently displayed a model 195 truck with newly designed air suspension system at ExpoCam show held in Montreal, Canada.

This new air suspension is specially designed for Hino cabover 195 and will be available since August this year on the engine 19,500 GVWR cabover model. However, this air suspension will not be available on other models of Hino trucks. Link Manufacturing Co. designed this new system in Sioux Center at Iowa. This air suspension system consists of dual air bags & a 12v compressor. It also consists of a magnetic sensor for controlling height which will help to [...]

Hitachi Unveils ROPITS –  Tiny Car Drives Itself

Hitachi Ltd. has recently revealed a driver-less tiny electric car to assist elderly citizens & citizens with mobility disabilities. This one seater self-driving robotic car uses GPS system to carry its single passenger. Hitachi displayed a prototype of this car recently in the Tsukuba city to demonstrate how this car is designed to automatically pick up & drop passengers. Hitachi has named this self-driven car ROPITS or Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System.

Many automakers and researchers are working on autonomous vehicles technology. Google car is a great example of this. This self driven car ROPITS by Hitachi resembles to Toyota i-Road which was revealed recently at Geneva Motor Show. Both these car prototypes from Toyota and Google promise fewer accidents, safe highway driving and less traffic jam. However, this tiny car by Hitachi doesn’t require direct control by the passenger.

This narrow car [...]

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks in Australia and Malaysia

Japanese commercial auto maker, Mitsubishi Fuso truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC)  has developed their sales networks in more than 150 countries. And now the company is concentrating to sustainably reinforce their export business in Asia Pacific auto markets. Mitsubishi Fuso has received a large order of light weight and medium weight trucks in the first quarter of this Year. Fuso’s global bus and truck brand has to supply more than 650 Fuso Fighters (medium duty truck) and Fuso Canters (light duty truck) to Australia and Malaysia.

This large order includes 185 Fuso Canter (light-duty trucks) for Australia and 466 Fuso Fighter (medium-duty trucks) for Malaysian. Southern Waste Management is the top waste disposal company in Malaysia, who already has 474 Fuso trucks. With this new order, they will now have 950 commercial vehicles with them. The order of 185 Fuso Canter trucks is from Star Track which is [...]

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